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Photography & Education :: All Seminars & Workshops

Canadian Imaging

Join Tamara at the Canadian Imaging Conference & Trade Show!

The Canadian Imaging Conference & Trade Show is the largest annual event in Canada specifically geared to the professional and advanced amateur photographer.  There are over 20 fantastic international instructors offering you a choice of over 30 photographic programs in a wide assortment of topics.  Plus you can choose from several optional full or half day workshops and Early Riser workshops. Whether your interests are specific to wildlife, portraiture, fashion, commercial, Photoshop, marketing, etc., there will be something for you here.

The Canadian Imaging Conference & Trade Show will take place on April 13th-17th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

All In One Life: HEALTH + ENERGY

Spend 2 days immersed in learning how to feel better every single day. Join Host Tamara Lackey and several ultra-talented expert instructors to:

  • Learn how to significantly boost your energy and keep it up evenly, all day long.
  • Redefine fast food. Learn how to make delicious, whole foods-based, ridiculously healthy food FAST.
  • Move it. Get the upper hand on excuses. Learn self-motivational techniques that actually work. Enjoy moving more frequently and experience the countless benefits of your fitness daily.
  • Master your stress, feel calmer everywhere; elevate your mood. And halt a mess of related illnesses in their tracks.

Take these two days for you. And for all those whose lives converge with yours.

Check here for a detailed description of what’s covered, who’s in & why it matters to you.  If you haven’t enrolled yet, enroll now – it’s FREE!






Join Tamara at the WPPI Conference+Expo!

WPPI Conference+Expo is the premier industry event for photographers and image-makers specializing in the creative and business aspects of wedding and portrait photography. Each year, nearly 16,000 professional and aspiring photographers attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to grow their business, experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers to improve their productivity, and enjoy the many attractions in Las Vegas. WPPI is a week-long event combining educational seminars with a major industry trade show and networking events, all designed around learning the latest techniques, building new relationships and growing a businesses in a friendly, fun environment – all at one time, in one place.

The WPPI 2013 Conference + Expo, will take place on March 7-14, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

What If: An event for artist-preneurs

Tamara will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in February to participate in the What If Conference. The conference is an event for “artist-preneurs” which focuses on empowering creatives in business and in life. To find out more about the conference and to register to join Tamara in the Dominican Republic  visit the What If website.

3-day creativeLIVE workshop … Seattle, anyone?

I’m quite excited to teach what is proving to be a rather brainstorm-driven, technologically-boosted, wow-comprehensive 3-day course at creativeLIVE headquarters in Seattle, Washington this November 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2010.

The details are all still coming together, but I’ve been tasked by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson & the ultra-talented creativeLIVE crew to co-create a “dream workshop experience” about photographing children.

We’ll be streaming live to a worldwide audience and are officially inviting six individuals to join us in Seattle. They will join the “in-studio online representative” workshop participants in our studio audience.

Per the clip below, we are asking you to record a 60-second video submission. Please note the few points to address, that the quality of your video truly doesn’t matter (!!), and to include the link to your video in a twitter with the inclusion of: #creativelive and @tamaralackey. The rest of your twitter is up to you.

A couple of reminders:

1. The deadline is October 27th – but the sooner, the better. We’ll be announcing the six participants who will be with us, for the entirety of the workshop, from the Photo Plus International Conference in New York, where Chase and I are both speaking (well, technically, I’m merely offering a presentation – he’s the Keynote Speaker).

2. The entire event is free if you are selected to be part of the Seattle experience, but airfare and accommodations are your responsibility. More good news – from what I remember, coffee flows freely through the streets in that city, so no worries there.

3. You will be filmed if you are part of the workshop. Probably frequently.

Check out this video for additional information about the workshop, the request for submissions information, some fun imagery – and the rest of the details!

(New: The creativeLIVE Enrollment Link)