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"The highest form of wisdom is kindness." -The Talmud.

These are organizations that do wonderful things for others, and whose charitable causes we are honored to support:

Chasing Frames and ON1 Software

Chasing Frames and On1 Software
We are pleased to introduce a new PBS television series hosted by ON1 Guru and professional photographer Tamara Lackey: Chasing Frames, sponsored by ON1 and Nikon.

Episode 1 Urgent Air Care
The need for speed is real in life and death situations. As emergencies create crisis, and rural hospitals continue to close, there is increasing dependence on air transport to provide critical health care access between remote areas and urban medical centers. Travel alongside a helicopter medical crew as they take off at a moment’s notice to provide life-saving flights.

Take a Deep Dive
See additional details on what was covered in this new episode and learn how you can help! Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Episode 1

After the Shot with ON1 & Tamara
Tips & Inspiration on what to do with your photographs after you capture them. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Urgent Air Care

Go Behind the Scenes with Tamara
PHOTOGRAPHY AND GEAR – a deep dive into photography tips, techniques and filming. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames UNC Carolina Air Care

Thank you to On1 Software for sponsoring Season 1 of Chasing Frames!

Beautiful Twin Boys

I met these two beautiful boys for the first time while they were still in Ethiopia. They were babies at the time, twin boys who lived in a rural orphanage far south of Addis Ababa.

Tamara Lackey Photography - Two beautiful twin boys photographed with their family
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

They had just met their family, our friends Angela & Clint, parents who would shower them with love, expanding to a family of eight. These two joined four older children who adore them – and a mom and a dad who are SO grateful to have them in their lives.

At the time they were all living together in Addis while finalizing the adoption, and we were there to be with our boys and do some Beautiful Together work.

To see the difference between them then and now is quite something. Pretty amazing, really.

I photographed this entire family together last week. We built a set in our studio to create a stylized set of portraits for them, and I am SO excited to go through all the images.

But this fun one jumped out at me right away – that gorgeous light and laughter of theirs. How clearly easy it is to fall in love with them. And how lucky they all are to have found each other, to be together as a family.

For photography lovers: I photographed this image with the Nikon D850 & 24-70 f/2.8. I shot the whole session with this combo and the Nikon Z7 & 105mm f/1.4 together, connected with the FTZ Adapter. (An amazing combination of gear for portrait sessions.)

Shot this at an f/4, 1/500th sec and ISO 500, lit with Profoto USA B2s with a beauty dish modifier as the main light. Edited in ON1 2020.

Chasing Frames Show Airing on UNC-TV


We are thrilled to announce that Chasing Frames, the TV show we have been working on all year, premiered October 3rd!

Our new show Chasing Frames is focused on people doing GOOD in the world – those who transform lives, protect our planet and rescue those in need. And it’s been incredibly inspiring, spending time with so many people who spend their days, and many nights, caring deeply about the work they do!

As a result, I get to learn more about the extraordinary good they do while photographing our adventures along the way.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 01 - Urgent Air Care, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 01 – Urgent Air Care
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Chasing Frames will broadcast on PBS Regional Affiliate Public Media NC (which reaches across 12 stations into 5 states).

However, because it’s different stations in different areas, for all my Triangle friends, that’s WUNC-TV, Channel 4, in Chapel Hill – and Channel 20 in Raleigh.

It began airing October 3rd, at 8:50pm! We launched as a 7-minute show which will air between two popular longer-form shows, which we’re pretty excited about. (I had NO idea just how much work went into making a solid 7-minute program for broadcast. Wow.)

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 02 - Racing Against ALS, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 02 – Racing against ALS
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

A huge thank you to our series underwriters, Nikon and ON1! They make this show possible!

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07- The Wild Horses of Corolla, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 07 – The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

This show is the product of a great deal of effort. Above all, I am so grateful to our Producer Rhesa Versola, our Line Producer Kim Pollard, our Editor Donnie Bittinger, one of our key camera operators Miriam McSpadden – as well as so many other camera operators, assistants, and crew members. Also much gratitude to our music sponsor Triple Scoop Music, as well as our website sponsor Imagely.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 04 - Bat Blitz, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 04 – Bat Blitz
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

So proud of what we created, it really took a lot to make this happen.

Check out our website, ChasingFramesShow.com, to learn more . And, if you are unable to watch the broadcast live, all of our shows will be available to watch on Digital Release on our website as they are released!

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 06 - Good Sports, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 06 – Good Sports
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Beautiful Together at Harvard Law School

We founded Beautiful Together over four years ago. Since then we have been able to start and, gratefully, finish fourteen projects and establish four funds. The projects all focused on supporting children without families. Along the way we have done our best to advocate for these children. Many children living in institutions do not have an opportunity to even be adopted. This is due to a significant amount of red tape and doors closed by government policies.

I am honored to have been invited to speak as a Guest Lecturer for the Children Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School. My topic is on the realities of failed international adoption policies. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, especially given my personal experience with this matter over the past five years – and counting.

Thank you to all who have supported Beautiful Together and the work we do. We only hope to do far more over time.

Tamara Lackey for Beautiful Together

The work of the Child Advocacy Program encompasses a number of initiatives, including policy work and advocating for law reform as it relates to granting vulnerable children living in orphanages around the world the human rights they deserve. If you would like to help support this movement, please add your name to this petition.

I am also happy to have contributed photographs that I have shot over the years to help support the Child Advocacy Program’s website.

Photography is a key part of everything we do at Beautiful Together. Our mission has always been to work to identify and complete specific and measurable projects that tangibly improve the lives of orphaned children in the United States and Africa. We also shine a light on children living in extreme poverty, foster care, or orphanages through a combination of on-the-ground work, professional photography, video profiles, and social outreach.

I am heartened that this imagery can have an impact, even a very small one, on our movement to help children waiting for families join the families who wait for them.