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All In One Life: HEALTH + ENERGY

Spend 2 days immersed in learning how to feel better every single day. Join Host Tamara Lackey and several ultra-talented expert instructors to: Learn how to significantly boost your energy and keep it up evenly, all day long. Redefine fast food. Learn how to make delicious, whole foods-based, ridiculously healthy food FAST. Move it. Get […]

What If: An event for artist-preneurs

Tamara will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in February to participate in the What If Conference. The conference is an event for “artist-preneurs” which focuses on empowering creatives in business and in life. To find out more about the conference and to register to join Tamara in the Dominican Republic  visit the What If […]

an interview with Mark Wallace on reDefine with Tamara Lackey

In this episode of reDefine, we sit down with commercial photographer and video creator, Mark Wallace.  He walks us through the pretty fascinating road he took to build his career, including years of producing morality plays, several hospitalizations due to flat-out exhaustion, and all kinds of awesome-to-see hairstyles.  And, faced with the flash round, Mark […]