Hope you can come join us by registering here :) :) :)

Also, it was wonderful seeing so many warm-hearted individuals meet up with me and Dane Sanders and Mike Colon (two very kind, gifted & inspiring people :) in freezing, aptly-named Big Sky, Montana at the beginning of February! It proved to be a fast-paced and thorough experience and … did I mention freezing?

Not just freezing but below freezing: -34 degrees at one point, to be exact. I’ve never before felt parts of my body just freeze in mere seconds quite like that – as if they were just readying themselves to fall off of my personage. I can’t say that feeling isn’t a teensy bit nerve-wracking.
(In the end, though, I left with all pieces seemingly still intact.)

Grateful to Tracy Moore Thompson & her Mountain/Montana Man husband Matt for orchestrating the event and rustling up breakfast every morning – even for a vegetarian in Beef Country ;)

And I know it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to kids, but we had some truly adorable childeren come join us for my shooting clinics:

This just needs to land on the cover of something somewhere …. don’t you love her innate style?

One of the talented workshop participants, Cali Sparing, grabbed a few fun behind-the-scenes shots … this is the set up for …

… this shot :)

This little one was born & bred Montana…

Hard not to be drawn into the shy pout, but it was worth waiting for/working for her smile.

Showcasing creative, contrasty lighting with a flash and reflector combo…

Fun to see the whole wrap around – shooting like this …

and her expression was that one on the left!

I should also note here that I totally want her outfit.

And a big fan of so much of this …

Thanks to all who came out and braved the fierce temps!!