The Land of Lemurs – Chasing Frames

March 11, 2020

The Land of Lemurs photography by Tamara Lackey using Nikon cameras
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

The Land of Lemurs, is a fantastic episode! We head out to Duke Lemur Center to learn all about lemurs in North Carolina!

Lemur Photography by Tamara Lackey using Nikon cameras
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Watch the Land of Lemurs broadcast on PBS / UNC-TV!

Photography by Tamara Lackey using Nikon Camera
Photograph by Tamara Lackey
The Land of Lemurs photography by Tamara Lackey using Nikon cameras
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

In addition, go to ChasingFramesShow.com to see Deep Dive episodes on the photograph techniques & gear used in this episode. After that, check out some inspiring ideas of what how to finish your images after your take them on our After The Shot episode!

The Land of Lemurs photography by Tamara Lackey using Nikon cameras
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Above all, thank you to Nikon and On1 for their amazing support of Chasing Frames.

Traveling in Italy

March 11, 2020

Photograph of Traveling in Italy shot by Tamara Lackey using the Nikon Z7

There is so much in the news about Italy right now.
An entire country on lockdown.

I shot this photograph while traveling in Italy, through this stunningly beautiful country, after our photography workshop in Tuscany last year. It was in September, and we enjoyed blue skies, sunshine, clean air – and vibrant bursts of color in so many directions.

I really look forward to traveling in Italy again, once we have all moved through whatever we are experiencing now. I hope – for all the reasons, of course – that that will be sooner rather than later.

Shot this with Nikon Z7 & Z 24-70 f/4 at f/11 and edited in ON1.

ON1 Destination Workshop in New Zealand!

February 27, 2020

Kamana Lakehouse

This workshop is an incredible opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

The ON1 Destination Workshop in Queenstown, New Zealand, sponsored by ON1, will be led by Matt Kloskowski and Tamara Lackey. This is an all-inclusive 7-day and 6-night immersion into photography, exploration, and education.

Remarkables Range

This photography workshop will be based out of the beautiful Kamana Lakehouse, which is the highest-situated hotel in Queenstown.

You will only need to step out onto the terrace to photograph some truly amazing imagery. For instance, there will be unique and unobstructed views of Lake Wakatipu while being surrounded by the extraordinary Remarkables Mountains’ range.


The workshop will focus on landscape, portrait and excursion-based photography. It will include outings to a variety of stunning locations, daily ON1 post-processing clinics, lab time and photo reviews. With plenty of time all week long for questions, conversations and detailed learning experiences.


If you choose to stay at the Kamana Lakehouse, you will stay in a private room with a view and ensuite bathroom. All transportation and meals are included as well.

Expect full breakfasts, lunches, traditional afternoon tea as well as sumptuous dinners out at a variety of Queenstowns’ finest restaurants.

Workshop participants are welcome to bring companions along! Similarly, there will be a variety of activities nearby for them to enjoy for the entire week while the workshop is underway.

For more information and to sign-up, check out www.tamaralackey.com/new-zealand-workshop

Bedroom at Kamana

This workshop is for beginner to intermediate photographers and photo editors.

From a photography perspective, you’ll need to know the basics of your camera. Understand how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work. We will have plenty of time to help with settings, while providing a multitude of tips along the way. 

Bar at Kamana

This workshop will give you opportunities to stretch your comfort zone and shoot things you may not have photographed before. We will concentrate on landscape and portrait photography, posing, in addition to subject interaction.

We will be staying in a magnificent location, so, needless to say, landscape photography opportunities will be all around us and a core part of this workshop. 

Kamana Hallway

Check out our last ON1 Destination Workshop in Italy!

From Addis Ababa to Las Vegas

February 19, 2020

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I photographed this incredibly sweet baby just over a week ago. As a result, this image will join a new portrait gallery in the orphanage where he lives in Addis Ababa. The making of this shot – and pretty much all the others – was the product of a group effort.

For instance, I photographed him in a darkly-lit, rather crowded baby room. Firstly, we squeezed him between two other babies who helped to prop him up on a diaper-changing shelf. Secondly, he laughed along with all the upbeat energy in the room, the clapping of his caretakers and the singing of other children. Thirdly, the calls to him by me & the kids surrounding me.

This was lit with a combination of fill flash and light bouncing back from a large baby cloth held opposite a small window. In addition, we even pulled in ambient light from the blue cribs in front of him. A team of children helped carry my gear, other teens helped with posing others. And, luckily, a few genius kids who reminded me to take off my lens cap (more than a few times).

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to document these gorgeous faces over time. I have heard from a heartening number of other creatives – photographers, videographers, writers and more. Similarly, all about using their time and talent to do more things in the world that matter to them. In other words, despite what the news tells us daily, I keep seeing so very many people who want to do good. For instance, the whole crew from this orphanage who gathered to help with these shoots.

If you would like to help this orphanage in Addis Ababa, visit https://beautifultogether.org/

WPPI 2020 – Las Vegas

Next week, I will be traveling to WPPI2020, in Las Vegas. Through my programs with Nikon, who have always supported my love for this work. I’m excited to share some brand new content and fresh ideas of how to give back – whether it’s on the other side of the world or right next door.

I took some time building out this new program, 5 Ways To Inspire Yourself and Make Photographs That Matter. It includes demonstrations (like how to make a shoot like this happen) and tangible walkthroughs of things you can do anywhere. In addition, I will even show before & after work that is years apart.

If you are in Vegas, my talk is on Wednesday, Feb 26th at 2:30pm PT. If you’re not in Vegas, it will also be live streamed via NikonUSA.com/live.

While I am out at WPPI, I am ALSO excited to join my fellow Nikon Ambassadors Cliff Mautner Photography and Julia Kelleher. As a result, it will be a pretty active panel discussion on ways to diversify a business, outside of any personal projects. We all work to keep a number of things going in pretty different ways. In addition, Michael Corrado is a lively host – so it should be interesting to see all the different ways we make work work for us.

This portrait was photographed with my Nikon Z7, 105mm f/1.4 lens at f/2.2, using my SB-5000 flash. I edited it in ON1 (luckily moving pretty quickly with presets I’d built in advance).

Chasing Frames and ON1 Software

January 24, 2020

Chasing Frames and On1 Software
We are pleased to introduce a new PBS television series hosted by ON1 Guru and professional photographer Tamara Lackey: Chasing Frames, sponsored by ON1 and Nikon.

Chasing Frames and ON1 Software combine to bring you Episode 1

Episode 1 Urgent Air Care
The need for speed is real in life and death situations. Emergencies create crisis, however, rural hospitals continue to close. As a result, there is increasing dependence on air transport to provide critical health care access between remote areas and urban medical centers. Travel alongside a helicopter medical crew as they take off at a moment’s notice to provide life-saving flights.

Take a Deep Dive
See additional details on what was covered in this new episode and learn how you can help! Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Episode 1

After the Shot with ON1 & Tamara
Tips & Inspiration on what to do with your photographs after you capture them. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Urgent Air Care

Go Behind the Scenes with Tamara
PHOTOGRAPHY AND GEAR – a deep dive into photography tips, techniques and filming. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames UNC Carolina Air Care

Thank you to On1 Software for sponsoring Season 1 of Chasing Frames!

Pigs As Pets – Chasing Frames

December 20, 2019

On this episode of The Chasing Frames Show, we get a chance to spend time with some VERY smart, sweet and affectionate beings: Pigs!!!

There has been an extraordinary rise in the popularity of “tea cup pigs” and “mini pigs”. It is a false label created to market pet pigs.

As a result, it has also led to a MASSIVE increase in abandoned full-grown pigs.

We learned from people whose lives are focused on rescuing these abandoned animals. We also visited a couple of lucky ones who are now peacefully living in their very own home.

Pigs as pets
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

You can see this episode broadcast on PBS / UNC-TV Public Media NC Thursday night at 8:50pm. And definitely check out our show website at ChasingFramesShow.com.

On our website, you can learn more about the photography techniques & gear used on the show via our Deep Dive Episode. As well as some inspiring ideas of what to do with your photographs AFTER you take your shot, via our Deep Dive episode on how you can finalize your images to best effect!

Thank you so much to The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary for their amazing efforts. While we visited there, we got to meet a lot more animals than just pigs – that included sheep, chickens, peacocks, horses, goats and…my favorite…DONKEYS!

Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Thank you Rhesa Versola, Kim Williams Pollard, Miriam MJ Beckman and Donnie Bittinger for all your hard work on this show!

Pigs as Pets
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

And, above all, we are so grateful to Nikon and On1 for their wonderful support of The Chasing Frames Show! It makes such a difference to work with companies who care about supporting those doing GOOD in the world. Something we all here at the show care very much about – thank you.

Exploring Light – Chasing Frames

December 5, 2019

Chasing Frames Exploring Light
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Exploring Light is a truly beautiful episode of Chasing Frames, we learn why studying the light and the universe can help us better understand the power of kindness.

Exploring Light
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

For instance, the power to overcoming our differences and how to better protect our planet.

Chasing Frames Exploring Light
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

The sky is a time machine, and photography is a pretty amazing way to see the absolute magic of light travel.

Exploring Light
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

You can see Exploring Light episode broadcast on Thursday night on PBS / Public Media NC UNC-TV at 8:50pm. Check out our deep dive into photography tips & techniques. In addition to an inspiring look at what you can do with your images after your shot – at ChasingFramesShow.com!

Light Painting Chasing Frames
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

A huge thank you to Nikon and ON1 for your wonderful support of Chasing Frames Show!

Light Painting Chasing Frames
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

In addition, thank you to Katie Mack and Amy Sayle for sharing your genius perspectives on light and the cosmos. As well as what we can learn from the past to help better protect our future.

Tamara Lackey Starscape
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Rescue Puppies-Chasing Frames Episode 08

December 2, 2019

Rescue Family
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

THIS Thanksgiving – we are SO grateful for everyone who fosters puppies in need of homes. Check out our newest episode, airing tonight at 8:50pm on
PBS / Public Media NC UNC-TV. It is all about how organizations like the amazing Peak Lab Rescue are caring for puppies and dogs in need of rescue!

Rescue Sunny
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Go to ChasingFramesShow.com for bonus content. Check out an overview of the photography & gear used in this episode. As well as some inspiring ideas of what to do AFTER you take your shot!

Rescue Puppies
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

In addition, a huge thank you to Nikon and ON1 for your amazing support of The Chasing Frames Show. We are grateful today – and on all the days : )

Sunny Aslepp
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Chasing Frames Episode 07 – The Wild Horses of Corolla

November 20, 2019

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

This episode is all about the stunning Spanish Colonial Mustangs who live on the shores of the Outer Banks. This show is particularly moving to us because of what happened shortly after we wrapped filming at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund‘s sanctuary.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla at the sanctuary
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

In Early September, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the North Carolina coast. As a result, a massive wall of water blasted Ocracoke Island. Tragically, that storm created a terrifying tsunami that washed 28 wild horses off the island and to their deaths.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

To see these beloved and majestic horses roam free, passionately respected by so many, especially those with whom we met while filming – well, this was simply an enormous loss.

 The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Watch this episode to learn more about how these wild horses have lived for hundreds of years on the shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina and why they are so worth protecting.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

This show airs on PBS / Public Media NC UNC-TV this Thursday night. You can also see additional content from this episode, tips about the photography & gear used, and some inspiring ideas of what you can do with the images you love to take in our After The Shot deep dive episode – all found at ChasingFramesShow.

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey Episode 07 The Wild Horses of Corolla at the sanctuary
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

A massive thank you to Nikon and ON1 for your support of The Chasing Frames Show! You make this show possible, as we focus on people who are doing good in the world while they transform lives, protect our planet, and rescue those in need.

Expressive Portraits

November 14, 2019

I head out to Los Angeles later today to speak about Expressive Portraits at the Creative Photo Academy. I will present a seminar in Torrance Friday evening. In addition, I will lead an all-day workshop on Saturday in Palos Verdes. During the workshop, we will photograph portraits near the cliffs overlooking the water.

If you’re in the Southern California region, come say hi!! If you would like to attend the seminar, you can see more information here: http://creativephotoacademy.com/events/expressive-portraits.

I am honored to represent Nikon for these talks : )

Expressive portrait of a beautiful little girl in the Dominican Republic.

A big part of my program focuses on expressiveness. Not just natural smiles but how much can be conveyed through direct eye contact.

For instance, I photographed this absolutely beautiful little girl in the Dominican Republic. I taught at conference and we added a day to visit her school. In the midst of a sea of children and photographers, I noticed her bright eyes and unbelievably sweet curiosity.

I photographed this portrait with the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 lens at f/4, while using a large and bright white wall as a reflector.