Chasing Frames on PBS

October 27, 2019

We are so proud to announce that The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey is now available to watch on the PBS website!

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey on PBS

Chasing Frames is broadcast on television via PBS/Public Media NC every Thursday night at 8:50pm, as well as seen repeatedly throughout the week at other times. Check your local listing for which PBS channel airs it in your area. (And of course you can now also watch The Chasing Frames Show at any time via the PBS website)!

In addition to each episode that airs, we also release three additional Deep Dive episodes on our Chasing Frames Show website. They are digitally released every Thursday.

Additional Content Deep Dive
We produce the first deep dive for those who wish to watch additional content about that week’s subject. We have to make some tough edits to get to our final show. This deep dive is for those who wish to learn even more.

Photography Deep Dive
We create our second deep dive for those interested in learning more about photography and filmmaking by providing photography tips & techniques. We specifically focus on the gear and techniques used when photographing and filming the episode.

After The Shot
We produce our last deep dive for all those who take photographs but aren’t exactly sure what to do with them afterwards. With our After The Shot Deep Dive, you’ll learn some inspiring ways to post process the photographs you take through simple walkthroughs and tutorials.

Chasing Frames Show, Tamara Lackey
Chasing Frames Deep Dive Episodes

We love hearing your feedback about the show – and ideas you have for future shows. We’ve heard some great concepts already and look forward to more. Thank you for tuning in to watch our show!

Thank you to PBS and Public Media/UNC-TV for believing in our show! It means a great deal to us. We know what an honor it is to share air space with so much incredible shows across PBS affiliates.

And, of course, much gratitude to our show sponsors, Nikon and ON1. We deeply appreciate your support and are excited to grow the show with you as our partners!

Bat Blitz – Chasing Frames Episode 04

October 25, 2019

Bat held on Chasing Frames Episode 04
Bat Blitz Photo by Tamara Lackey

This week on Chasing Frames, we venture into the back country of Eastern North Carolina to capture wild bats IN THE PITCH DARK with a team of researchers and scientists on their annual bat blitz.

This episode airs on broadcast Thursday night on PBS / Public Media NC. Which also just happens to air during Bat Week, a completely unintended bonus!

Bat biting Chasing Frames Episode 04
Bat Blitz Photo by Tamara Lackey

I was astounded to learn how integral these insect-eating animals are to our ecosystem. And that a fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome which has wiped out more than 90 percent of the population. NINETY percent.

This dramatic loss in bats leads to a domino effect of more insects and bugs. Therefore, this leads to farmers using more pesticides to protect their crop investment. Above all this has tremendous impact on our environment – and, of course, on the food we consume.

Ready to fly Chasing Frames Episode 04
Bat Blitz Photo by Tamara Lackey

I have never seen bats up close like this. They’re actually pretty cute. They were described as “kittens of the sky” and I like how it makes them more adorable and less intimidating. Even if they have very sharp teeth.

Wing getting measured Chasing Frames Episode 04
Bat Blitz Photo by Tamara Lackey
Bat flying at Tamara Lackey Chasing Frames Episode 04
Bat Blitz Photo by Tamara Lackey

Thank you, as always, to Nikon and ON1 for their incredible support of Chasing Frames! After the episode airs, you can go to ChasingFramesShow.com to see additional content about the episode, a deep dive into photography tips & tricks, as well as some great ideas of what to do AFTER you take the shot.


Chasing Frames Episode 03 – Swift Water Rescue

October 23, 2019

On our new Swift Water Rescue episode of Chasing Frames, I spent time on a COLD and very FAST-MOVING river, joining elite first responders who train for a specialized, and very risky, form of rescue. They save others in swift-moving water emergencies.

Photo by Tamara Lackey – Episode 03 – Swift Water Rescue

As I experienced some of what they do, photographing them while in action, I heard remarkable stories.

One story that struck me the most was a team on night rescue after a massive hurricane on the North Carolina coast. They had already swept the area. They decided to do one more check of the evacuated neighborhood using their night vision goggles. As a result, they noticed a tiny glint of light. They went over to investigate and found an older woman, shivering in chest deep water. She had pushed her flip phone up against the window in a last ditch effort to get help.

Due to the dim light from her dying phone it was just enough to attract the trained eye of one of her rescuers. They saved her life that night.

Photo by Tamara Lackey – Episode 03 – Swift Water Rescue

Each year, the U.S. experiences an increasing number of hurricanes, flood waters and flash flood road emergencies. This intense rescue training is becoming even more important as radical weather-related emergencies become increasingly more common.

Photo by Tamara Lackey – Chasing Frames Episode 03

Check out this Chasing Frames Show episode now – and you can tune into PBS/Public Media NC UNC-TV to see our show Thursday night, with a new episode airing on broadcast each week.

Photo by Tamara Lackey – Episode 03 – Swift Water Rescue

If you’d like to check out our Deep Dive episodes from this show. Learn more about swift water rescue and get details about the photography & filmmaking techniques used in this episode. In addition, if you want great ideas of what to do with your images after you take them – check out ChasingFramesShow.com for more!!

Photo by Tamara Lackey – Chasing Frames Episode 03

Thank you, as always, to Nikon and ON1 for their incredible support of Chasing Frames.

Chasing Frames Show Airing on UNC-TV

October 9, 2019


We are thrilled to announce that Chasing Frames, the TV show we have been working on all year, premiered October 3rd!

Our new show Chasing Frames is focused on people doing GOOD in the world – those who transform lives, protect our planet and rescue those in need. And it’s been incredibly inspiring, spending time with so many people who spend their days, and many nights, caring deeply about the work they do!

As a result, I get to learn more about the extraordinary good they do while photographing our adventures along the way.

Chasing Frames Show Episode 01 - Urgent Air Care, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 01 – Urgent Air Care
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Chasing Frames will broadcast on PBS Regional Affiliate Public Media NC (which reaches across 12 stations into 5 states).

However, because it’s different stations in different areas, for all my Triangle friends, that’s WUNC-TV, Channel 4, in Chapel Hill – and Channel 20 in Raleigh.

It began airing October 3rd, at 8:50pm! We launched as a 7-minute show which will air between two popular longer-form shows, which we’re pretty excited about. (I had NO idea just how much work went into making a solid 7-minute program for broadcast. Wow.)

Episode 02 - Racing Against ALS, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 02 – Racing against ALS
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

A huge thank you to our series underwriters, Nikon and ON1! They make this show possible!

Chasing Frames Show Episode 07- The Wild Horses of Corolla, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 07 – The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

This show is the product of a great deal of effort. Above all, I am so grateful to our Producer Rhesa Versola, our Line Producer Kim Pollard, our Editor Donnie Bittinger, one of our key camera operators Miriam McSpadden – as well as so many other camera operators, assistants, and crew members. Also much gratitude to our music sponsor Triple Scoop Music, as well as our website sponsor Imagely.

Episode 04 - Bat Blitz, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 04 – Bat Blitz
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

So proud of what we created, it really took a lot to make this happen.

Check out our website, ChasingFramesShow.com, to learn more . And, if you are unable to watch the broadcast live, all of our shows will be available to watch on Digital Release on our website as they are released!

Chasing Frames Show Episode 06 - Good Sports, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 06 – Good Sports
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Beautiful Together at Harvard Law School

September 12, 2019

We founded Beautiful Together over four years ago. Since then we have been able to start and, gratefully, finish fourteen projects and establish four funds. The projects all focused on supporting children without families. Along the way we have done our best to advocate for these children. Many children living in institutions do not have an opportunity to even be adopted. This is due to a significant amount of red tape and doors closed by government policies.

I am honored to have been invited to speak as a Guest Lecturer for the Children Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School. My topic is on the realities of failed international adoption policies. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, especially given my personal experience with this matter over the past five years – and counting.

Thank you to all who have supported Beautiful Together and the work we do. We only hope to do far more over time.

Tamara Lackey for Beautiful Together

The work of the Child Advocacy Program encompasses a number of initiatives, including policy work and advocating for law reform as it relates to granting vulnerable children living in orphanages around the world the human rights they deserve. If you would like to help support this movement, please add your name to this petition.

I am also happy to have contributed photographs that I have shot over the years to help support the Child Advocacy Program’s website.

Photography is a key part of everything we do at Beautiful Together. Our mission has always been to work to identify and complete specific and measurable projects that tangibly improve the lives of orphaned children in the United States and Africa. We also shine a light on children living in extreme poverty, foster care, or orphanages through a combination of on-the-ground work, professional photography, video profiles, and social outreach.

I am heartened that this imagery can have an impact, even a very small one, on our movement to help children waiting for families join the families who wait for them.

Nikon Gear – and FORTY Puppies!

August 23, 2019

Nikon Gear D850
Nikon D850 photograph by Tamara Lackey

I LOVE PUPPIES. They are sweet, soft, loving, playful, vulnerable and incredibly snuggly. But 40 puppies in the course of 48 hours with Nikon Gear? Well, that was a whole new level of wonderful madness.

This brand new campaign for Nikon has the most complex and wonderful combination of subjects I am lucky enough to photograph yet! FORTY tiny little, sweet, adorable puppies paired with a huge variety of brand new Nikon gear.

And HERE are the results, free for you to keep and share as you wish!

Nikon Gear D5600
Nikon D5600 photograph by Tamara Lackey

How we pulled this all together

For this brilliant shoot, we rented out a large commercial space that has giant cyc walls painted a clean white. Nikon HQ shipped us a bunch of brand new Nikon gear. Lights and equipment were set up. As well as puppy gates, blankets and pillows. And we greeted all of our on-set Puppy Handlers, which is a real job description for these shoots.

And then got to work.

Because “Work” included welcoming puppy after puppy after puppy, we had to constantly wipe away fur, dust, puppy licks. As well as all the “gifts” they kindly left us while setting up shot after shot.

Keeping the Nikon gear dust, fur-free AND in position while constantly being knocked over by 12 puppies going in 12 different directions was not easy. I know that this gear is tough, but it is definitely confirmed with all the puppy chewing. Because they didn’t even leave a mark, hah!

I shot the entire campaign with the Nikon Z7 mirrorless system. Also paired with the adapter for F-mount lenses for a variety of images.

Here’s a BTS video of our two days of shooting, to get more of a feel for it: https://www.nikonusa.com/…/puppy-love-one-photographers-que…

Thanks to so many that made this shoot happen!

We are so grateful to Peak Lab RescueFarm Friends Rescue, and so many others, for offering up even more of their time and effort so that we could photograph these sweet little pup faces.


Nikon Gear mirrorless Z7
Nikon Mirrorless Z7 photograph by Tamara Lackey

And a BIG thank you to Nikon – it’s incredible to work with a client who knows what they are looking for while offering a huge amount of creative freedom to the photographer.

Specific thanks to The Idea Man Mark Soares, the awesome Michael Corrado, our on-set marketing wunderkind Brian Hettrich. Also to each member of our extremely helpful campaign project group: Nick MoyMarc CutlerMarie Fallarino McKinley, Jessica Cruz, Carmelina McGuire and Judith Paul. Thank you to Diane Berkenfeld for the great piece she put together on Nikon’s website: https://www.nikonusa.com/…/puppy-love-one-photographers-que…

Major props to Kim Williams Pollard, our Studio Manager, for meticulously checking in and out an *enormous* amount of gear, as well as orchestrating tons of model releases while also working to set up, break down and very actively assist on all of the shoots.

And more major props to our Special Projects Producer Rhesa Versola for also helping to set up and break down both days – and for all of her rather detailed pre-production efforts, coordinating shoots with so many puppies from so many places (wow, such an effort!), as well as filming on set, too.

And big gratitude to Robert Cummins for filming the shoots, assisting with lighting, bringing more great energy to the shoot, and creating our puppy BTS!

All of the images are yours to use as free wallpaper!

Most Exciting International Workshop!

May 29, 2019

La Selva Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.
La Selva Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest

Photo Shelter Blog names our Workshop as one of 40 most exciting for 2019/2020 – Don’t miss out!

Joe McNally, Ami Vitale and I are all thrilled to be named within this amazing group of the most exciting Photography Workshops! And, we still have spaces available, so make sure to check out our Amazon Workshop page.

Come join us for the first few days in Quito, Ecuador and we will explore the City before heading out to La Selva Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest. You will see a variety of Flora and Fauna that make up this amazing location.

At the Lodge, not only will you participate in our Workshops, but you can also enjoy the Spa and much more that the Lodge offers.

La Selva Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.
La Selva Ecolodge

Amazon Rainforest Workshop with Ami Vitale, Joe McNally and Tamara Lackey

Why Photo Shelter Blog loves it: 

“Who wouldn’t want world-class photographers leading you through shoots, lectures and daily post-processing lab time during an all-inclusive trip?”

Chasing Frames – Airing this Fall on PBS

May 6, 2019

Photographed with Nikon D850 and 16mm f/2.8 lens.

We are in the thick of filming 12 episodes of our new series Chasing Frames. This is our new television show airing this fall on PBS’ regional affiliate Public Media NC. The show will reach into five states along with incredible Emmy-Award winning content & some amazing shows on UNC-TV!

I am SO very grateful to have Nikon and ON1 Software underwriting this series!!

One of our recent episodes was all about Search & Rescue Dogs. These rather furry guys do pretty big jobs. One of the coolest things I learned while filming this episode, is that in order to track someone for miles, these dogs open up pretty much all of their pores. This, of course, is also a bit exhausting for a four-legged creature racing through the woods. Even though they were training hard for life-saving work, I also loved that I could get a pretty hilarious shot like this during this dogs recovery.

Look out for Chasing Frames broadcasting on PBS in the Fall of 2019!

THE AMAZON RAINFOREST WORKSHOP with Ami Vitale, Joe McNally and Tamara Lackey

April 30, 2019

La Selva Lodge
La Selva Ecolodge & Spa

Join THREE renowned photographers: Ami Vitale, Joe McNally and Tamara Lackey on the trip of a lifetime to Ecuador. You will experience the culture of its historic capital, Quito. As well as the abundant wildlife of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

This all-inclusive 10 day and 9 night adventure is a complete immersion into photography, storytelling and exploration.

This unique workshop will focus on landscape, portrait and travel photography. The days will be full of lectures and daily post-processing lab time.

It will be impossible not to be overwhelmed by gorgeous Quito, a UNESCO heritage site and the country’s capital. A visit to magical Old Town will be filled with colorful people and culture. Panoramic vistas and brilliant historic cathedrals. The people of Ecuador are what make this destination so very special.

After two days, you will travel in-country to the Amazon basin where you float by the banks and tributaries of the Amazon River. You will spot wildlife, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the jungle. 

The majority of the workshop will be held at the stunning 5-star luxury eco-resort La Selva Ecolodge & Spa, located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The Lodge is located off the Napo River, inside of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

The Reserve is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, home to millions of species of plants, birds, rare animals and stunning scenery. There you will find your accomodations in breezy, stylish cabanas. The sounds of the rainforest will soothe you to sleep while the singing of birds will awaken you in the morning.

As an all-inclusive workshop, all freshly-made, deliciously cooked meals will be included, too.

Click below if you would like more information or to sign up and join us on this amazing Amazon Rainforest Workshop

Bees and Macro Photography

March 22, 2019

Spring is finally here! It’s time to get your macro lens to photograph bees.

This is the perfect time to re-visit an episode of The reDefine Show: Animal Edition! See it here:>>>Backyard Bees <<<

It’s all about photographing bees using a macro lens. I have always been nervous/terrified of bees while some people are all, like, One With The Bees. As for me, I am pretty much the exact opposite of that. I feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise up anytime I see a bee or hear a buzz nearby, so, to put on a beekeeper’s suit and walk into the same space as 70,000 bees? Well, it was a full-on personal challenge.

This is where photography comes into play because every time I photograph something or someone I am struck by how beautiful they are, in so many ways. I love that my job is to look for that beauty, which is one of the coolest parts of the work, and yet, I was surprised I still felt the same way during this shoot. These little fuzzy bees are intricately beautiful and hard-working and expressive, looking directly at you with head tilts, butts out, wings splayed out & more! My job was to photograph them as well as possible while speaking to what I was doing and using a variety of means to do so, and I got lost in it almost immediately. This was not just a wonderful shoot, it was personally transformative for me. 

A Macro Lens to Face Your Fear

It’s amazing how spending time with that which you fear can change everything. Oh, and wearing a beekeeper’s outfit helps.

I’d LOVE to invite you to check out our first episode:

>>>Backyard Bees h<<<

Big gratitude to Miriam MJ Beckman & Rhesa Versola for the fantastic filming, Heather Guffee Burgiss for a beautiful edit and expert beekeeper Mark Powers for the excellent education.

All images shot with Nikon D850 & 105mm f2.8 macro and D500 and 24-70mm f2.8.

Using a macro lens to capture these busy female worker bees tend to their duties inside the hive.
Buzzing female worker bees tend to their duties inside the hive.
Beautiful macro close up of the delicate wings of a female worker bee
Cool macro shot of a worker bee prepares to fly from the hive to collect fresh pollen.
A worker bee prepares to fly from the hive to collect fresh pollen.
Close up of a female worker bee wags and dances to communicate with other bees.
This female worker bee wags and dances to communicate with other bees.