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Category Archives: Question & Answer

reDefine Show Episodes with Conceptual Artists Amanda Diaz & Sara Lando

reDefine Episodes with Conceptual Artists Amanda Diaz & Sara Lando These next two reDefine Show episodes both feature different kinds of Conceptual Photography. The first with Amanda Diaz focuses on portrait photography, and the second with Sara Lando focuses on her more mixed-media approach. So what is Conceptual Art? I found this description helpful to explain the […]

Winter 2016 reDefine Show Episodes

Winter 2016 reDefine Show Episodes with Jesse Kalisher, Heather Evans Smith, and Sara Harris This new year has brought us some great new reDefine Show episodes! You can watch them below or on the AdoramaTV page. First, I spoke with friend and fellow Portrait Photographer Sara Harris Photography about how she has built a thriving destination portrait business, […]

portraits of a man

As excited as I am for the new website, it’s … um, still not here yet. So, in the meantime, I’d love to share some clean and simple portraits photographed using a straightforward 2-light continuous lighting setup – one main light (with a large softbox modifier), one hair light, and one reflector. Some of the images […]