We’ve had a lot (lot!) of questions about the specifics of the 3-day course for creativeLIVE.

Most questions are simply asking what to expect from a course outline perspective. So, let’s start with full disclosure: um, to be quite honest, I don’t quite know exactly what to expect. Much of this we’ll be doing for the first time. But, now that that’s out of the way, here are a few things we do know …

I’ll be heading out to Seattle early to film a few shoots of children and families ahead of time, at a variety of locations, to refer to via video later.

And we’re doing a Design Budget Challenge – basically, me running around the city trying to find some great, price-friendly outfitting options for a home or commercial space studio, with a cinematographer alongside me. That should be quite fun and hopefully helpful!

Then we start filming and streaming live. The bulk of the three full days of class will be highly interactive with the in-studio and worldwide audience, via lots of Q&A, but there’s also a lot to cover.

So, for the sake of those watching remotely, we’ll be trying to keep to the following schedule as best as possible… (forgive me while I pepper in some adorable photographs :) ….

Friday, Nov. 19th, 2010.
Start time, 10am PST. End time, 6pm PST.

Introduction and An Overview
All About Kids – Theory
To The Tape! Walking through some just-shot sessions with various children (with various personalities) and examining what works, what doesn’t and the photographs I get.

Lunch Break

Image Critique with the Entire Audience, via Flickr Pool
Photographing Families. (Or: Kids and The Adults They Love.)
To The Tape! Walking through an in-home family shoot that was taped the day prior.
Overview of Establishing a Studio

Saturday, November 20th, 2010.
Start time, 10am PST. End time, 6pm PST.

Establishing A Studio
The Budget Design Challenge!
Additional Budget-Friendly Ideas from the Worldwide Audience

Simple Lighting Theory
Studio Lighting Set Up: Hands-on Placement of Lighting
Mini Shoot to Showcase Lighting Setup

All The Technical Specifics of Shooting
(Composition, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, All The Basics!)

Lunch Break

Hands-On In-Studio Shooting of Models with the In-Studio Photographer Audience, including Live Feedback and Instruction

Image Reviews and Critique


Sunday, November 21st, 2010.
Start time, 10am PST. End time, 6pm PST.

The Business of Photography:
– How To Run An Efficient Business
– Studio Workflow
– Marketing & Consultative Sales

Post-Processing Walkthrough of The Family Shoot

Consultative Sales Session with Family from The Taped Session (with images fresh from post-processing)

Lunch Break

Work/Life Balance (Or: How To Do It All??)
– Overview
– Open Discussion
– Q&A

Closing Program

A note from Craig, at creativeLIVE … Here are some details on how to view Tamara’s upcoming creativeLIVE weekend: The LIVE event can be viewed for free here. That requires a good speed Internet connection. Typical DSL or Cable Internet should work. We record the full event in HD video.

If you purchase those recordings, here, you’ll be able to download and watch the recording of Tamara’s workshop whenever you like. I’ll answer any other questions that come up. We’re all looking forward to this weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun!