Pet Photography!

After running into two cute puppies in a row – seriously, that’s all it took – we just couldn’t stand it.  We’ve been considering the idea of bringing home a second dog for a while, possibly around the holidays, and we were lucky enough to find this so-sweet little pup, who needed to find a family quite quickly. So the date just had to be moved up to accommodate the opportunity. Not that I’m complaining – also, I’m now considering a full-time job in pet photography ; ) Our brand new 9 week-old baby is a mix of Australian Shepherd, Boxer, a sliver of Labrador, and who knows what else.  And wow is he just all kinds of affectionate snuggliness. It was pretty amazing to surprise the kids with their first gift of the season.  We set up a tree, brought in a wrapped large box – and he just popped out. After the initial shock of “WE HAVE A PUPPY?????  ARE YOU SERIOUS?????  IS THIS REAL????“, we scoured through tons of names – and we all decided on Dasher. We haven’t done a real photo shoot yet, and omg we will quite soon – but this is his first morning with us, and I just had to break out the big camera : ) Meet the newest member of our family:   pet photography, Tamara Lackey, Dasher