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    1. Can I order individual digital images?
    For portrait sessions we only offer a DVD of all images from a session with rights to reproduce.  We don’t offer single digital images, but when you purchase an 11 x 14 print or larger, we offer a complimentary web-sized, watermarked digital file for online use.

    2. Do you have a referral program?
    Yes!  We are always delighted when new clients tell us that a friend referred them to our studio. When a client who you have referred to us books a session, we will send you a certificate in the amount of $50 to use towards your next session.

    3. How soon will I see proofs from my session?
    We will send you a brief preview of your images within 2-4 weeks of your session. Each image from the session is carefully reviewed and finished to produce the highest quality image. We try to schedule your ordering session to view your images on our large projector screen and help you place your order within a week after the images are complete.

    4. Can we have digital file of all the images?
    You can purchase the rights to reproduce the images, and we will deliver a DVD of the images along with a Rights to Reproduce notification to you.

    6. What should I wear to my session?
    The photographer will have a consult with you prior to your session but, in general, wear what makes you feel good and are that you are comfortable in.

    7. Can I order prints online?
    After the session, we sit down with you and review the images in person on our large projector screen.  Our ordering software allows us to show you images side by side, framed together, in a photo of your room, and more great options.  Afterwards, reprints and orders for friends and family can be placed online.

    8. Do you offer albums, prints, or framing?
    Yes, we work with a high-quality custom framer, and we offer a variety of portrait prints, framed pieces, albums, and canvas pieces.

    9. Do you have location suggestions for my session?
    Yes, we are happy to suggest a variety of locations to you, in addition to the possibility of shooting in our studio or in your home.  The photographer will discuss options with you during your consult.

    10. How long is a typical portrait session?
    Portrait sessions usually last around one and a half to two hours, but there is no set time limit.

    13. Do you offer Gift Certificates?
    Yes, we offer beautifully-packaged gift certificates in any amount!

    14. How should I care for my prints?
    The lustre coating on our standard prints provides protection from fingerprints and slight scratches, but to ensure maximum UV Protection,  it is always a good idea to keep your prints out of direct sunlight.  Also, when framing your own photographs we recommend using acid free mats and glass with UV protection.

    15. I’d like to book a family portrait session for our Holiday Cards, when should I schedule the session so I am able to order prints in time for the holiday season?
    Please plan to schedule your session before the end of October to ensure that you are able to place your orders in time for us to meet the following approximate deadlines:

    Holiday Cards
    December 2nd

    October 15th

    Framing/Canvases/Couture Boards
    December 2nd

    December 9th


    Do you have a question not answered here?   Please contact us and we will answer your questions.