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When the new $180 million, state-of-the-art 315,000 square foot Cancer Care Hospital hospital was built with brilliant attention to healing detail, they wanted to open their doors with an exhibit that would showcase what they were fighting for as a community of individuals.

Throughout the course of a couple months, we were lucky enough to photograph a striking cross-section of doctors, patients, hospital administrators, nurses, survivors, and even families of survivors. It was downright inspiring to meet so many people from every walk of life who share one thing in common: fighting cancer.

In the end, we walked away with a heartening collection of individual spirits.
We heard some passionate stories of challenge, loss, victory, and – always – the continual struggle.
And although we probably collected more hugs than we may have deserved, we certainly took them anyway.

The initial plan was for the exhibit to stay up for about six weeks and then travel across the country. But every time an effort was made to remove the forty beautiful 30×40 canvas art pieces lining the walls (and perched atop a variety of easels), there was a request for them to please stay.

So, stay they did – and continue to, to this day.