One last post from the life as an artform workshop in Boston, which was too wonderful! I thank you, again, Jesh, for the honor of inviting me to join in as your guest speaker. We all need more of that gorgeous energy of yours…

Once again, Jesh and I both separately photographed our models – this time, sweet Maya and her hilarious brother James. I’m not exactly sure how long the shoot lasted – 8 minutes? 20? 10 hours? No clue, but I had a blast with these two and their huge imaginations!

It’s also a lot of fun to shoot while chatting with other skilled photographers – speaking to what I’m going for and then getting to show the images afterwards, talking about why our shooting styles mirror who we are, why this is done here and there in finishing the images, how to lose yourself in the session and yet not fall in the water – y’know, all the important things!

It was awesome to meet and also quickly become honestly good friends with all of the following fantastic photographers from around the country:

Lauren Pauline
Jonathan Chan
Maureen Ford
Mike with Kate Rose Photography
Patti Schmidt
Brittany Blando – the best hostess ever
BFFL’s Ben and Tara with HItched Studios
Nicole Polk
Carol Lundeen

From the shoot…

Thanks to (hysterically funny) Tara from Hitched Studios for sending over some great photos – this one is from the beginning of the shoot…

Tara tagged this “Our Fearless Leaders” – you can see the steadfast seriousness that enveloped the entire week :) Interestingly enough, though, being fearless is a cornerstone of Jesh’s workshop.

From L to R: Lauren, Tara, Maureen, Nicole, Ben and Carol

And Jonathan, Patti, Brittany and Seshu jump in!

He’s so good he doesn’t even have to look :)

Thanks, again, everyone – Jesh, I will see you soon! Patti, looking forward to seeing you at learnfest in a few short months. Everyone else, you’ve got a new blog stalker so I will be in touch with you regardless :)