$100 Gift Card Giveaway from Adorama

If you’ve read any of my posts on gear, like this one about why I switched from Canon To Nikon, you’ve heard me say that I truly don’t believe great photography is about the latest and greatest gear.  I think it’s about the way we each uniquely see the world, the way we connect with each other, the hustle we put into how we do our job, knowing how to technically capture what your imagination sees – and, oh, only about 4000 other things.  That being said, when you know what your vision is, when you know what you are most seeking when photographing your subject, working with the best gear for your unique style is a significant factor in being able to best create what you often visualize first. One of my favorite gear choices is the Nikon D800, for a lot of reasons – but a big factor is simply that it is exceptionally robust and strikingly portable.  That’s a big deal for me because my shoots are very active ones, and I don’t like to get trapped under a lot of heavy gear. So, given my love for this camera, I’m quite honored that Nikon chose to showcase my philosophy on shooting and my work in their latest 2-page advertisement in this month’s super cool PDN Magazine, all about the D800.  They created a pretty lovely spread:   Nikon, Tamara Lackey, PDN Magazine, Nikon D800   In addition, Nikon was kind enough to feature me and my work in their current issue of Nikon World Magazine. You can see the whole article here.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this magazine in print, but it’s gorgeously put together.  They use lovely paper and seriously spot-on printing of some truly great photography.  In this world of Online Everything, it’s truly a pleasure to sit down and read a purposefully-printed periodical (go ahead, say that 5x fast). Check out the magazine when you get a chance! Tamara Lackey, Nikon, Nikon World Magazine, portrait photography What do YOU love most about your gear?  Doesn’t matter what brand, what product, what usage – what do you love that you can express with your choice in gear??  For me, it’s about using a great tool that crisply, sharply, beautifully allows me to show what I see and works with how I uniquely shoot.  (Because it just doesn’t do me much good to use a 100-pound gear setup extraordinaire that’s incredibly precise but won’t let me move). For you? My friends at my favorite (huge) House of Gear, Adorama, are doing a $100 gift card giveaway to one commenter on this blog post.  You can use this $100 towards any gear or product or software or tool or accessory or educational product or, seriously, whatever you’d like.  Adorama sells pretty much anything imagery-related – plus much more.  We’ve done this gift card giveaway multiple times in the past on this blog, and I love it when the winner emails me : “Wow!  That was just like a free $100, pretty much.” Yeah, pretty much. So, go!  Share what your gear helps you most express in a comment below and be automatically entered to win.  And entered to win fast.  We’ll be sending you your $100 Adorama gift card giveaway next week!