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    The Family Posing Playbook

    The Family Posing Playbook

    We’ve heard so much wonderful feedback about our children’s Posing Playbook and had so many requests for family posing ideas that we decided to create the Family Posing Playbook. Like the original children’s version, this new Family Posing Playbook contains a wealth of posing ideas, and is far more than just a posing guide – each final shot comes with detailed Before & After images, as well as all technical settingsmetering choiceslighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, a separate quick reference guide with easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families.

    In other words, it’s not just about what the final shot looks like; it’s about how, exactly, you create it.

    10% of all proceeds benefit Beautiful Together, a non profit organization in support of children waiting for families.

    Delivered electronically, this Family Posing Playbook was created for you to be able to read through the book in detail, then easily refer to for ideas and inspiration while out and about on a shoot, as it’s built for use with all mobile devices.  The Playbook is $89 and delivered electronically, immediately upon purchase.

    Please order yours here, or feel free to contact the studio at studio@tamaralackey.com or by phone, 919.484.8000.

    And you can visit this page for instructions on how to download your new Playbook to a phone or tablet.

    The Family Posing Playbook