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    Photography Mentoring Sessions (One-on-One)

    Mentoring Sessions

    A customizable 90-minute photography mentoring period for a full, uninterrupted overview of your photography, marketing, business and/or sales process— what you choose to focus on most is up to you. The feedback we’ve received from these sessions has been fantastic. This is an entirely customizable session. Common topics include:

    -review of branding and identity and marketing materials

    -review and detailed walkthroughs of pricing materials

    -review and detailed overview of sales process, addressing specific concerns

    -assessment/creation of marketing strategy and plan

    -walk-through of post-processing style and techniques

    -overview of business management / operations / employment or associate-building processes

    -full disclosure on any and all questions related to photography, marketing, business, studio building, work/life balance, sales, and more!

    Sessions are conducted in person, via skype, or by phone, whichever you prefer.

    Please contact our studio if you are interested in booking a photography mentoring session, arranged by appointment only and scheduled as one-time only or as four separate sessions spread out over the year.

    In just 90 minutes, she helped me completely reinvent the website, the portfolio, the business plan and the marketing plan!  Tamara gives honest, objective and specific feedback; she immediately identifies weaknesses and priority areas that need adjustment while offering a number of solutions and options for improvement.
    What sets Tamara apart from most business coaches and advisors is her ability to see past the practical needs and roadblocks that we think we may need to overcome; she can look under the surface to recognize the real issues, question our belief systems which keep many of us from being successful and help us redefine our vision and goals to move forward.  The advisory session with Tamara not only benefited by business plan, it had a life-changing impact on the way I approach my professional life and my art.
    – Elena Sbrana

    We’d love for you to check out a lot more of the feedback we’ve received back about the experience of a mentoring session with Tamara.

    Mentoring Sessions