The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography


The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography provides lighting techniques for studio and location shots alike and shows how to organize a children’s photo business and photoshoot and how to produce superior photos.

100% of author proceeds go to children’s charities.



100% of author proceeds are donated to Beautiful Together, a non-profit in support of children waiting for families.
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“Tamara Lackey’s The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography provides lighting techniques for studio and location shots alike and shows how to organize a children’s photo business and photoshoot and how to produce superior photos. Excellent image examples accompany clear tips for gaining superior results from difficult subjects. A top pick for photography libraries. ” – Midwest Book Review

“Photographer and author Tamara Lackey offers fresh insights and solid know-how in her book, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography. Gone are the days of Little Lord Fauntleroy pants and painted backdrops and murals. Today’s trend in children and family photography is relaxed, expressive and natural. Parents see it in glossy magazines and envision their children in these modern portraits. Tamara Lackey shows us how to do it right. All levels of photographers who wish to break into the children’s photography market can benefit from this book, as Lackey covers the basics of portrait photography, the psychology of dealing with children and delivering killer shots that sell big. Filled with beautiful images from Lackey’s own portfolio, the book is a great look-book for children’s portraits. A noteworthy chapter in the book contains Lackey’s refreshing honesty about the mistakes she made in the early years of her business. Written in easy conversational style, any photographer can feel her pain, share in her triumphs and learn from her photography business anecdotes. Pick it up for giant dab of inspiration. ” – Auey Santos, Sacramento Book Review

“This book should serve as an inspiration for anyone who photographs kids or who would like to make a living as a children’s photographer. Sprinkled around some of the best kid portraits I’ve ever seen, Tamara Lackey introduces readers to her world with common sense tips on not only how to make the photographs but how to deal with specific personalities, such as “the performer,” plus shy and even sick kids. Among the information on cropping, posing, and the working environment, Lackey provides solid advice in a friendly manner and in few words. She fills the second half of the book with solid information on pricing, sales, and marketing, making this book an essential mini-course in learning how to photograph children creatively and make money at the same time.” – Shutterbug Magazine

“When I received this book this afternoon my intention was to leaf through it before starting dinner. Wrong! This informative, beautifully executed book was full of the kind of photographs I strive to create. As beautiful and striking as they are, I found the authors words and advice equally profound and riveting. Tamara Lackey is as direct, down to earth and detailed as her lovely photographs. She taps into the very personal, spiritual aspect of taking these amazing pictures as well as the practical details of docementing the magic of childhood. Needless to say, my husband is picking up pizza on his way home from work, I am reading it cover to cover!” – Margaret M. Van Etten (Wellsvile, New York)

“I live in remote Western Australia and was given this book by my sister in-law when I launched into creating a career from child photography. She couldn’t have given me a better gift if she had tried – it was impossible to sleep .. couldn’t put it down as I was sure the author had written the book just for me! I loved the breezy, non-text-like style and the pratical approach … it has given me a great kick start! Thank you so much Tamara Lackey!” – K.S. Guille (Albany, Australia)

“I was so excited the day this book arrived on my doorstep. After having heard Tamara speak at a convention, I was intrigued to learn more. What I found is that her art is in her connection with her subjects. This is what she is able to convey so well in this book. It is the insight into the many different personalities of children that I found so helpful. It has helped me to deepen my own connection with my little clients more quickly. If that connection is not important to you or your photography, you will not enjoy this book. But for the rest of us, it’s spot on.” – Lisa C. Thomas (Germantown, TN)

“Having already spent considerable time combing through various photography publications, attending conferences (WPPI & PPA) and participating in local and national workshops, I really enjoyed reading this book. Not only does it convey the author’s warm and sensitive approach to her artistry, but also gives real world examples of how to engage the children, the parents and an overall attitude to the portrait session. There are so many wonderful and tender anecdotes that support a nurturing approach to bringing out a child’s personality. Some really great nuggets to consider!” – Ted van der Linden (San Francisco, CA)


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