Bundle of All Three Playbooks by Tamara Lackey


This bundle contains all three of Tamara Lackey's Playbooks, which together will comprehensively walk you through, from start to finish, any children or family portrait session. Learn what to prep for, what not to forget, posing ideas for all children and family types and what to do after the shoot is over. 


Included in the bundle:
From Start To Finish: The Portrait Shoot Playbook 
This downloadable e-book will consist of hundreds of pages of comprehensive information, beautifully illustrative photographs and detailed descriptions of everything you need to know when it comes to shooting a portrait session. And there are so many great gear and product discounts that you’ll actually come away with money back! The book will be delivered electronically. Retail $99
This digital e-book contains a wealth of posing ideas, each with detailed Before & After images – as well as all technical settings, metering choices, lighting configurations, brief description of shoots … and a quick reference guide with easy bullet points to reference when posing and photographing children and families.  Retail $69

The Posing Playbook…For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing
This digital Posing Playbook contains a wealth of posing ideas, and is far more than just a children’s posing guide – each final shot comes with detailed Before & After images, as well as all technical settings, metering choices, lighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families. Retail $69

In other words, it’s not just about what the final shot looks like; it’s about how, exactly, you create it.



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