The Posing Playbook…For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing


This detailed guidebook contains a wealth of posing ideas, each with detailed Before & After images – as well as all technical settings, metering choices, lighting configurations, brief description of shoots … and easy bullet points to reference when posing and photographing children and families.
In other words, it’s not just about what the final shot looks like; it’s about how, exactly, you create it.



When it comes to photographing children, there is one universal truth that remains consistent: most kids don’t really do posing. That being said, nearly all kids are amenable to being moved this way and that and often will take posing direction beautifully – you just often have to use an entirely different language to get them to do so.  And much of it isn’t verbal.  That’s where this way-more-than-a-children’s-posing-guide comes into play.

This expanded Posing Playbook contains a wealth of posing ideas, and is far more than just a children’s posing guide – each final shot comes with detailed Before & After images, as well as all technical settingsmetering choiceslighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families.

In other words, it’s not just about what the final shot looks like; it’s about how, exactly, you create it.

Delivered electronically, this posing playbook was created for you to be able to read through the book in detail, then easily refer to for ideas and inspiration while out and about on a shoot, as it’s built for use with all mobile devices.

The Posing Playbook is $69 and delivered electronically, immediately upon purchase.

Please order yours here, or feel free to contact the studio at or by phone, 919.484.8000.

Please visit this page for instructions on how to download your new Playbook to a phone or tablet.


The Posing Playbook ... For Kids

What people are saying about the Posing Playbook:

I love, love, love this posing handbook! Packed with so much information. So great to see the before picture(s) and then to read what Tamara was thinking and what she did to get the final finished picture.  This is something I am going to use often and I know that will help me out greatly.
Thank you so much for putting this product out there for us!
– Gayle Shrader

Just got the Playbook – it is *FANTASTIC*!  I don’t photograph children professionally, but hoped it would help me get better photos of my own and friends children… and I downloaded it to my laptop and could NOT stop reading – EVERY SINGLE PAGE is amazing!! I loved ALL the detail you included!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thanks so much for sharing all your wisdom!
– Lisa Jurrens

Tamara’s Posing Handbook is far beyond a traditional posing guide. Instead of showing subjects in various poses with explanations of where to put arms, hands etc, this Handbook is more like a “playbook.” It is replete with specific strategies for dealing with scenarios commonly-encountered by children and family photographers. I have added reviewing this Handbook to the mental “warm up” I do before every session and have successfully used several of Tamara’s strategies.  Additionally, the Handbook provides a method for reviewing my own past sessions and identifying successful “poses.” Once again, Tamara has created an incredibly useful tool to help photographers realize more success with clients and in their businesses.
– Heidi K. Moore, Heidi K. Moore Photography

This has been so helpful – before getting the posing handbook I was doing the typical poses… sitting children back to back, or standing and trying to get them “perfectly” positioned against a background, all of us would end up so stressed out. After reading and going through the manual I brought my next children’s session to a park … I ran and played with them before we even started shooting so they could warm up to me. We rolled on the floor, played games and in between this as I would call either one or all of their attention to me, I was getting shots. I fell in love with these kids instead of leaving overwhelmed or dreading the images. I loved the way they came out and the mother ordered every pose, including the ones with her in it.
– Rebecca Ruiz

Just burned through the Posing Playbook v2 by @TamaraLackey. Can’t wait to do my next shoot after the inspiring ideas. Thank you!
– Josh Harshman

I just got it, and its simply awesome!
– Denise Conrad

This is a great book, and I’m excited about it being expanded!
– Michelle Hanks

Thank you so much, Tamara. This book is wonderful. It has helped me a lot in my sessions!!
Congrats from Rio de Janeiro!
– Flavia Barreto

What a guide!  Let Tamara Lackey show you how to get those fun, playful, less posed images.
– Sarah Petty


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