There are a ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for daily. The trick, of course, is not in finding what you’re thankful for; it’s in actually recognizing how much we already have. That’s one of the more powerful things about photography, as it is all about seeing what we have – and, more importantly, who we already are. Today I am quite thankful for those who trust me to photograph them, their families, and their children, creating a narrative of their history as individuals and as people who are quite lucky to belong to each other. This photograph is from a portrait session I shot just this morning:  a clear and bright chilly day and a gorgeous little girl, highlighting the autumnal beauty of Thanksgiving’s colors. (That’s right, I totally wrote autumnal beauty.  Go ahead, say it out loud.  It sounds awesome, right?  AUTUMNAL BEAUTY.)   TamaraLackey     Looking for some inspiration for your children’s portraits? Check out The Posing Playbook … For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing, an on-the-go resource for ideas, poses (that aren’t really posey), lighting, technical settings, and more. See more details and order yours here!     Tamara-Lackey-Posing-Paybook-Preview