I just turned around the fourth and final proof of the book I’ve been working on for the last year (plus) – each time was a different review: text review, layout review, photography review, etc. This last review was the print review, and all looks just so wonderful. Amherst Media really did a fantastic job laying this book out, considering just how much text there is (trust me – A LOT), the book is quite visual with tons of huge photographs and cool spreads.

I’ll add a few fun images of the inside soon – but, for now, you can see more about the book at amazon.com, currently available for pre-sell (Amherst Media’s official publish date: Nov. 1, 2008, and the book will be available at retailers internationally – Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and a big list of others :)

I have really learned a bunch about Amazon lately – how they market, how they price, when they mark this vs. that, pretty fascinating stuff. I talk to so many photographers trying to figure out pricing – I tell you, Amazon.com needs to offer the ultimate cross-retailer master class!

Lots more coming to the writeup online soon – but a pretty cool start…