Using The Posing Playbook

I have to give credit to that genius quote to Don Herold, who also wrote one of my other favorites statements: Unhappiness is not knowing what we want – and killing ourselves to get it. Truth all the way around. Luckily, this sweet baby boy happens to have a very happy mama, who knows exactly what/who she wants: Durham, baby portraits, Tamara Lackey Photography, children's photography Where Photographed: Tamara Lackey Studios, Durham, North Carolina By:  Tamara Lackey Camera:  Nikon D4 Lens:  Nikkor 85mm 1.4   Looking for some inspiration for your children’s portraits? Check out The Posing Playbook … For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing, an on-the-go resource for ideas, poses (that aren’t really posey), lighting, technical settings, and more. Most are using it on their smart phone while out on shoots, for real-time ideas. Being updated, and expanded, once again – all who purchase/purchased previously will receive the new version playbook as soon as it’s released! See more details and order yours here!     Tamara-Lackey-Posing-Paybook-Preview