We are thrilled to announce that Chasing Frames, the TV show we have been working on all year, premiered October 3rd!

Our new show Chasing Frames is focused on people doing GOOD in the world – those who transform lives, protect our planet and rescue those in need. And it’s been incredibly inspiring, spending time with so many people who spend their days, and many nights, caring deeply about the work they do!

As a result, I get to learn more about the extraordinary good they do while photographing our adventures along the way.

Chasing Frames Show Episode 01 - Urgent Air Care, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 01 – Urgent Air Care
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Chasing Frames will broadcast on PBS Regional Affiliate Public Media NC (which reaches across 12 stations into 5 states).

However, because it’s different stations in different areas, for all my Triangle friends, that’s WUNC-TV, Channel 4, in Chapel Hill – and Channel 20 in Raleigh.

It began airing October 3rd, at 8:50pm! We launched as a 7-minute show which will air between two popular longer-form shows, which we’re pretty excited about. (I had NO idea just how much work went into making a solid 7-minute program for broadcast. Wow.)

Episode 02 - Racing Against ALS, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 02 – Racing against ALS
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

A huge thank you to our series underwriters, Nikon and ON1! They make this show possible!

Chasing Frames Show Episode 07- The Wild Horses of Corolla, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 07 – The Wild Horses of Corolla
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

This show is the product of a great deal of effort. Above all, I am so grateful to our Producer Rhesa Versola, our Line Producer Kim Pollard, our Editor Donnie Bittinger, one of our key camera operators Miriam McSpadden – as well as so many other camera operators, assistants, and crew members. Also much gratitude to our music sponsor Triple Scoop Music, as well as our website sponsor Imagely.

Episode 04 - Bat Blitz, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 04 – Bat Blitz
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

So proud of what we created, it really took a lot to make this happen.

Check out our website,, to learn more . And, if you are unable to watch the broadcast live, all of our shows will be available to watch on Digital Release on our website as they are released!

Chasing Frames Show Episode 06 - Good Sports, photograph by Tamara Lackey
Episode 06 – Good Sports
Photograph by Tamara Lackey