A hearty thank you to Nirit and Thiemo, who met up with me on the beaches of the Outer Banks for a rather serene and lovely shoot, bringing along their sweet treasure, little Lia. And another itty bitty one, still in process :)

Nirit was referred to me by her close friend Brandy Cardarelli, a fellow photographer and mom to two little peanuts now, only one of whom I have photographed … so far!

And, even cuter, sweet Lorenzo and little Lia are best buddies.

The timing of turning around prints and canvas pieces has been tricky, though, as they are returning back to Europe, I am currently in South America, and Lisa – our heroic studio director – is in North America, trying to do her best to manage the timeline.

We soooo appreciate your gorgeous patience with all of this, Nirit, those pieces will be arriving directly to your home in Germany very shortly! We have loved working with you in North Carolina and look forward to doing so again when I am in Europe next.

Maybe we can coordinate it with Brandy & Fabio’s next trip to Italy … just do the whole shoot on the Spanish Steps?

I had posted this image, months before, a sneak preview, now hanging as a beautiful canvas in our studio:

I love, love this one!

more wall portrait canvas goodness…

And, if you couldn’t tell, I’m now at the bottom of this post ;)