Thanks to Professional Photographer Magazine for running such a cool article about my shooting style in the new December issue.
Cute title: Bring on The Scamp.

So much fun to see and read through it – and, as always, a lovely layout.
The topic dovetails nicely with the presentation I’ll be giving at Imaging USA in Nashville Monday, January 11th, 2010.

(And a big thanks for the interview, friend and fellow photographer, Audrey Woulard. It was a good match, as Audrey and are I teaming up again to offer some shooting & image review instruction in Las Vegas, Audrey & Tamara: A Portrait Photographer’s Workshop.) (already sold out)

So … I love the feature, but – more than that – I’m pretty thrilled that they selected one of my very favorite images, ever, of Ana Elisa for the full-page Table of Contents section … this image was the same one I ran with a post I wrote a few months ago, about the curious mix of this little girl who just got home late last year.

I didn’t know they’d selected this one until I flipped open my issue. That was such a lovely find, I just keep going back and flipping it open to see it again & again & again and, um, again :)

If interested, you can check out the rest of the article here: