I first met Brandy and Fabio at Victoria & Jeremy’s wedding at Hilton Head Island. Brandy and Victoria are sisters, and Brandy was very helpful at the wedding, totally gung-ho for some fun shooting, with a great eye for cool shots.

We met up about six months later at a leafy park in Chapel Hill for a lively portrait session. Brandy made the trek up from Charlotte with her husband, her incredibly sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law (visiting from Italy) and their gorgeous baby, Lorenzo.

This shoot was particularly fun because Lorenzo is a super-smiley-exceptionally-adorable-baby boy, Fabio is a genuinely happy & loving guy and Brandy, beyond being a natural in front of the camera, knew what was going on in terms of what shots I was trying to get. I loved how she’d subtly tell everyone else to get out of the background so I could get certain angles.

Check out this ADORABLE NUGGET:

Leaf Shower in the park!!!

Seriously – who does not love a baby in a tree???

With sweet nonno and nonna (can you tell that I am working my English-Italian dictionary???)

And why Brandy & Fabio are still very much in love – goofy, cute, and not afraid to jump on each other in front of the parents :)

…and I just had to throw in this great shot of them together at Victoria & Jeremy’s wedding…

Oooooh – and this one!! Brandy is “The Splasher” :)